Posts in 2023

  • 100 members

    2023-02-27 in Updates

    We have reached 100 members on! 🥳 Since opening registrations in Jan with 50 members we have doubled in size, following a nice pace of growth. We are now also steadily posting over 100 new posts/week. With ample capacity to …

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  • Mastodon version updated to 4.1.0

    2023-02-22 in Updates

    Our server just got its Mastodon version upgraded to the latest version 4.1.0 which was released two weeks ago. Most notably, you can now add alt text to images you have already posted or edit existing alt text. It has been …

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  • Growth after open registration

    2023-01-19 in Updates

    Update after 1 week of open registrations at We had 24 new signups, growing to 64 active members. This is a nice pace - everything running smoothly. We have capacity for much more 😎 #mastoadmin #serverinfo is probably …

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  • Registrations opened

    2023-01-12 in Major News

    🚨 Registrations at are now open! Sign up here: How to migrate your account: Before doing so, let us clarify our philosophy and roadmap: The present …

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  • New team, roadmap, community pages

    2023-01-06 in Major News

    In preparation for opening registrations next week, some news 🚨 New mod/admin team: @benfmaier @eflegara @estebanmoro @sdesojo Not a single report so far, but good to be prepared. We …

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Posts in 2022

  • New blog for server updates

    2022-12-27 in Updates

    [Post copied from] I have finished setting up a blog about server updates for here: #serverinfo #mastoadmin Was a great learning experience …

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  • One month old

    2022-12-17 in Updates

    [Post copied from] Btw, today has turned 1 month old 🥳 #serverinfo #mastoadmin We are 45 people now, see below our place in the universe of instances:

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  • Poll on growth

    2022-12-17 in Updates

    [Post copied from] If registrations were open, would you join :python: :rstats: :networkx: (Context: Registrations are currently closed due to limited budget/capacity, but we …

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  • 99.990% Uptime

    2022-12-13 in Updates

    [Post copied from] Happy to report that in the first 3+ weeks of running we had 99.990% uptime. We missed one 5-minute tick. #mastoadmin #serverinfo …

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  • One week old

    2022-11-26 in Updates

    [Post copied from] Our instance is now one week old! 🥳 We are now 39 people, still a good way below our current server capacity of 100. Everything still running smoothly. Waiting …

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