Posts in 2023

  • One year old

    2023-11-17 in Major News

    One year ago, was created! 🥳🎂 In this time has become a vibrant online community with 286 people who have joined from all over the world, from various disciplines or from industry, providing an online home for the data …

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  • Registrations opened

    2023-01-12 in Major News

    🚨 Registrations at are now open! Sign up here: How to migrate your account: Before doing so, let us clarify our philosophy and roadmap: The present …

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  • New team, roadmap, community pages

    2023-01-06 in Major News

    In preparation for opening registrations next week, some news 🚨 New mod/admin team: @benfmaier @eflegara @estebanmoro @sdesojo Not a single report so far, but good to be prepared. We …

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Posts in 2022

  • opened

    2022-11-17 in Major News

    [Post copied from] First post from our shiny new server! Super happy it worked out 🥳 #mastoadmin #serverinfo The goal of this #server is to create a community of nice & …

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