100 members

100 members reached

We have reached 100 members on https://datasci.social! 🥳

Since opening registrations in Jan with 50 members we have doubled in size, following a nice pace of growth. We are now also steadily posting over 100 new posts/week.

With ample capacity to grow, we encourage everyone interested in data science, network science, computational social science, and related fields to join us, or to spread the word about our place. Although we have 5 mods/admins, we still had no single moderative report so far. Our server had 99.998% uptime. Smooth sailing!

Our next step is to implement a support page for members to have the possibility to donate to the running costs of our server.

Enjoy and see you on Mastodon!

Growth of members (top, blue) and posts (yellow, bottom) of datasci.social. Members are growing steadily, rate of posts is now over 100/week. The gap in january was due to a missing data source.

datasci.social is marked with a yellow circle in the middle of the log-log scatterplot that shows members vs posts of all mastodon instances.