Posts in 2024

  • 99.908% Uptime in 2023

    2024-02-03 in Updates

    We crunched the numbers and are happy to report that in 2023 had an uptime of 99.908%. The difference to 100% was due to two unplanned downtimes of around 4 hours each. Our uptime from our founding in Nov 2022 until now is …

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  • Mastodon version updated to 4.2.5

    2024-02-02 in Updates

    Our server got its Mastodon version upgraded to the latest version 4.2.5 yesterday, immediately after a critical vulnerability became public: This …

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Posts in 2023

  • Our stance on Threads

    2023-12-17 in Updates

    With Meta’s Threads recently starting concrete federation experiments, we have been asked about’s stance concerning preemptive suspension (also called “defederation” or “fediblock”). Here my …

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  • One year old

    2023-11-17 in Major News

    One year ago, was created! 🥳🎂 In this time has become a vibrant online community with 286 people who have joined from all over the world, from various disciplines or from industry, providing an online home for the data …

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  • Thank you to our supporters!

    2023-10-24 in Updates

    We have more and more financial supporters that help us maintain our Mastodon instance - A big thank you to all our supporters! ❤️ We are now covering around half of our running server expenses with voluntary donations, which is great …

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  • 4h server outage

    2023-09-06 in Updates

    We had an unplanned server outage on saturday for 4h14min, for technical reasons. We are sorry for the downtime and thank you for your understanding. This downtime has decreased our server uptime in this year to 99.86%, which is still less than an …

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  • Six months old

    2023-05-19 in Updates

    This week has turned 6 months old 🥳 We are 133 people now (68 active), with increased growth in the past few weeks. Our server hosts a community for #DataScience, broadly defined. See below our place in the universe of servers: …

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  • New admin

    2023-04-28 in Updates

    One more admin joined our team today: Lucio La Cava (@luciolcw) Lucio is a researcher researching the social network of Mastodon, so he has particular insights into the system. We still had zero moderative reports on our server so far, and we have a …

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  • 4h server outage

    2023-03-02 in Updates

    We just had a server outage for 3h51min. We are sorry for the downtime. The reason had to do with a release of the IP by the infrastructure provider. According to our server host this is being worked on so it cannot happen again. Thank you for your …

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  • Donations pages opened

    2023-02-28 in Updates

    We opened a Patreon page to allow our members supporting our running costs financially, which is several 100$ per year: We will list supporters on our support page: …

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