About datasci.social

The need for decentralized, inclusive social media

Your ability to communicate online should not be at the whims of a single commercial company or billionaire. Science and science communication should be open and welcoming for everyone.

Federation to the rescue

Only open-sourced, federated, decentralized social media like Mastodon can guarantee robustness to billionaire capture. Although Mastodon is not perfect, we believe it is much better than traditional social media that are plagued by hidden algorithms, inadequate moderation, and exploitative practices of surveillance capitalism.

Safe community for data scientists

The goal of this instance is to create a community of nice and diverse people who are researching human-centric data science and adjacent topics. We have zero tolerance for sexism, racism, and similar behavior, enforced by an experienced moderator team.

Especially welcome: Women, black, global south & marginalized researchers
Not welcome: bullies, harassers, big abusive/toxic egos